Kristen Suzanne is an accomplished Raw food chef and former competitive bodybuilder. Through radio, television, books, classes, and her blog and email newsletter, Chef Kristen Suzanne helps people live life to the fullest with the healthiest cuisine in the world.

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Will There Be Variety with a Waw Food Diet?

Having variety in your diet is important so that you don’t get bored. That’s why they say, “variety is the spice of life.” (It's also why I developed nearly 300 easy recipes for my Raw foods recipe ebooks.) Getting variety with a Raw plant-based diet can be as easy as using different produce seasonally, weekly, and even daily. I find that most people crave variety (especially in the beginning stages of going Raw) because they’re used to variety in their previous diets and because they’re minds need it in order to stay motivated.

This big need for variety tends to actually decrease over time. So, while you think you want variety now, I'll bet that after being Raw for a short period of time, you'll be totally content with eating minimal variety. That might not help you in this moment right now though. Raw food has many different dishes available to give you variety from lasagna to veggie burgers to granola to nut milk to burritos and more. Here is a real simple trick that you can simply apply to having varied salads. Make salads with minimal ingredients so they're easy to change. For example, on one day your salad might be romaine lettuce, red bell peppers, cucumber, raisins, dressing, and alfalfa sprouts. Then the next day, it might be romaine or spinach, tomatoes, carrots, dried cranberries, and pea sprouts. The take-away here is that if you keep the salads somewhat simple, you can easily get variety since you can have different fruits and veggies each day.

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The above is one of the more frequently asked questions that come up when I give classes and talks about Raw food. For a very comprehensive introduction to Raw Food lifestyle and expert tips and advice on making it work for you, see my ebook:

Kristen's Raw: The EASY Way to Get Started & SUCCEED with Raw Food