Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

My Favorite Brand For Goji Berries – Heaven Mountain

by Kristen Suzanne in goji berries

All this time…. I’ve been eating goji berries and semi-enjoying them. Never crazy for them; rather, I kind of tolerated them because of their amazing nutrient profile. I used to eat them with cacao and raisins to mask a bit of their texture and flavor. Turns out, it was the brand of goji berry that was the problem.

A couple of weeks ago, I tried a different brand and cannot believe the difference. Turns out that not all goji berries are hard and almost crunchy. They’re not all dry in texture and flavor. Who knew?!

Now, most of you know I’m a big fan of Navitas Naturals products, and I still am! But, it’s time to move over when it comes to goji berries. In fact, we were at a raw restaurant recently where the lime cheesecake was served with goji berries on top. We noticed that the berries were soft, yet didn’t seem wet from soaking. I began to wonder how this could be… my goji berries never had that texture or color. I now realize it was a different brand, probably the brand I now love.

I’m a Bija / Heaven Mountain Goji Berry girl now!

Bija goji berries are richer in color, flavor, and texture. It’s like night and day. They’re soft. They’re chewy. Their color is deeper and more vibrant. And… the real test? Kamea. I can’t get her to eat Navitas Naturals goji berries whether dry or soaked. But, Bija? She eats them by the handful.

Check the difference out in this picture below. Dry and light colored goji berries vs moist, chewy, and densely vibrant goji berries (so much that they clump together). I’m so glad I tried Bija Heaven Mountain Goji Berries. They also sell a blue bag called just Heaven Mountain. Same awesomeness!!!

Click the image to see them even better.

What do you think? Have you tried Bija Heaven Mountain Goji Berries? Do you have a favorite brand?

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