Friday, October 16th, 2015

My Life: Naked Dolls, Qigong, Lemon Water, Matcha, Hot Yoga

Lemon water did more than I realized.

Lemon water did more than I realized.

Here’s a day in my life.

700 am Wake up naturally. Sometimes I oil pull at this time.

715 am Drink some spring water with organic lemon juice squeezed in. I’ve heard about people doing this forever. I never got into it… til now. I read recently that drinking it on an empty stomach does something to help digestion, which helps you better absorb nutrients from your food later. Interesting. Okay, I’ll try. (The rule is that it’s on an empty stomach and you don’t eat for about 30 minutes.)

717 am Rebounding to start moving, getting the kinks worked, blood flowing, and because it’s fun. (Bellicon is the best rebounder.)

740 am Brew Upgraded coffee in my groovy Technivorm coffee pot. While that’s brewing I get other ingredients ready to make Greg’s and my Bulletproof Coffee (Greg likes his in a cold shake form), or I grab my Bulletproof Frozen Cubes.

745 am Make Kamea’s breakfast (usually gently scrambled eggs – something like this)

800 am Qigong (it’s moving meditation for me). I started my Qigong practice using a Prime (i.e., free) video on Amazon via my desktop. It’s called Qigong Fundamentals for Beginniners. I was doing it daily, for about a month. Then, I was showed this guy for Qigong from a friend.

820 am Check email etc

900 am Recipe development

930 am Play dolls with Kamea

Naked doll time

Naked doll time

What is it with kids playing with naked dolls. I’ve asked other parents. My kid is not alone in this. It’s a thing.

945 am Read to Kamea

1000 am Meditate for a few minutes while Kamea plays with her epic popsicle house.

1100 am Snacks (or early lunch – matcha time for me)

1200 pm Taking Kamea to mom’s for the night.

1230 pm Lunch of soup, kimchi, banana, and nut butter ball

100 pm Work (blogging and recipe development)

300 pm More Matcha

430 pm Heated yoga (awesome)

630 pm DATE NIGHT with Greg (love of my life. did you know I met him via eHarmony? It works.)


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