Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

Awesome Discount on Dr. Cowan’s Awesome Vegetable Powders – 1 week only!

by Kristen Suzanne in review

My veggie powder collection

I received this email from Dr. Cowan’s Vegetable Powders and had to share. It features a great discount for the next week! Take advantage while you can.

Some of you know that I regularly use these vegetable powders to add flavor to foods, add a big nutrition boost, and for convenience (those times I’m out of fresh produce, I add these veggies and don’t feel guilty for not having been to the store!). 

Dear friends,

About 18 months ago, on a plane ride to Boston for a family vacation on Cape Cod, I turned to Lynda and said, “You know those vegetable powders I’ve been making? I’ll bet we could sell those to friends and patients and turn this into a family business.”

“Good idea!” she responded.

We named ourselves Dr. Cowan’s Garden, and a year after we began online sales, we’ve sold thousands of jars of organic vegetable powders to be used in cooking to people across the United States.

I had been interested in vegetable diversity in my own diet for many years.  As an avid gardener, I was able to expand the array of plants I grew fairly easily, and then turned these into delicious and nutritious powders.   I knew my two sons, Asher and Joe, were also foodies and gardeners, so it seemed possible that we could each grow extra produce in our respective gardens, dry them in our homes and somehow package them up.  It sounded like a fun project that we could do as a kind of family hobby. Little did we know we would have such a rapid growth spurt.

It’s time to celebrate the wild ride this past year has been.  

To mark this milestone, and to say thank you, we’re offering every single product in stock — from our nutritious Threefold Blend Powders to our newest product, Low-Oxalate Greens Powder  — at 25 percent off for one whole week.

Use code THANKYOU25 when you check out. 

And there’s free shipping on top of that if your purchase totals $125 or more.

Lookin’ good!

I would say, as in most things in life, nothing about this young business has gone according to plan — except the quality of our powders.   For example, neither of my boys ever grew anything for the business, we ended up getting a commercial kitchen, we took on investments to obtain four new dehydrators, and we hired a team of kitchen helpers — that’s Amy, Beverly and Shawn at the kitchen (above)  — Jason was off work that day — who are as ferocious and persnickety about the quality of our powders as we are. We have also expanded our team of garden helpers, which includes Escobar (at left). They work steadily and peacefully, an energy we’re happy our vegetables receive!

One of the most exciting developments for us has been the creation of our network of small organic growers and foragers who are supplying us with vegetables. Foragers in Quebec bring us Chaga Nuggets, in Sonoma Nori, and in the Sonoran desert, Cholla Buds.

 As many of you know, our problem from the beginning has been how to produce enough of our high-quality powders to meet demand. Although that has been a good problem to have, it has also been extremely frustrating at times.  While other powders are available, none are produced in a way that recreates how a home cook would use each particular vegetable. We steam our kale, beets and winter squash, bake our pumpkins, keep our horseradish mostly raw to seal in the nutrients and the flavor, etc.  A lot of experimentation has gone into this endeavor, which has meant discarding hundreds of jars that are not up to our standards.   Throughout all of this, on our first anniversary I can confidently say that we are not only in a good place, but that we are more able than ever to fulfill our two core missions. 

The first core mission is to help our customers increase the valuable plant diversity in their diets with the most flavorful, nutritious dried foods available anywhere.   We will have more and more availability of the perennial vegetables, wild vegetables, and other hard-to-find vegetables in the coming months. The second core mission is to provide a vehicle to help small farmers and foragers make a good living.  I have been passionate about this effort my entire adult life and have often said, when I look back on my career, one of the things I am happiest about is when a biodynamic farmer tells me that my support has helped him have a viable and successful farm.  That is my and DCG’s contribution toward the healing of the earth and the establishment of a truly healthy and sustainable food system. 

Please join us in celebrating our first birthday! We have, at times, stood on wobbly little legs, fallen down and skinned our knees, but we are now squarely standing on our own two feet and are ready to run!

I even take them to restaurants.

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Monday, November 30th, 2015

Me, Hot Yoga, and My Favorite Hot Yoga Mat (Yoga Design Lab)

by Kristen Suzanne in review, yoga
Stunning" Yoga Design Lab" hot yoga mat.

Stunning “Yoga Design Lab” hot yoga mat.

I’ve been dabbling in yoga over the past year.

I say dabble because although there are times I practice twice a week or more, there are times where I go weeks without it. Sigh.

I love it though.

The times I don’t get to practice are because life gets in the way, which isn’t a good excuse, except for me –> I like to practice my yoga in a class instead of alone at home. And getting to a class can be difficult sometimes. (Though I’m open to trying yoga at home in the future so I can take my mat on the road with me when we travel.)

As of a couple of months ago, I consider myself still a bit of a newbie at yoga, but since I knew most of the moves, I decided to try adding heated yoga into my practice. I went to Village Health Club and Spa, where we belong (and LOVE), and had my first heated class a few months ago. They have the best classes and teachers for all their other classes so I felt confident trying my hand at a heated yoga class in spite of feeling intimidated by the class.

Kamea at Village Health Club (Scottsdale, DC location)

Kamea at Village Health Club (Scottsdale, DC location)




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Monday, November 16th, 2015

Bulletproof: The Cookbook … is COMING!

by Kristen Suzanne in review

Thank goodness Dave Asprey finally has a great cookbook coming out because I need some inspiration in the kitchen.

Who, me? Yes, me.

Enter: Bulletproof, The Cookbook. Yeah, baby.

As I type this, I’m eating a non-bulletproof rice cracker dipped in dark chocolate with cream cheese, pecan butter, and spicy raw honey dripping from it (and my chin – ouch, did I mention spicy?).

It was one of those weeks. No mood and no inspiration. I need some help and I’m looking forward to Bulletproof: The Cookbook to fill my mind (and body) with delicious healthy recipes that will make me bulletproof through the holidays (and all year long).

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Monday, May 25th, 2015

3 New Things I’m Trying: New Bar, Herbal Flu Shot, Pavlok.

Snack Bar Basket is a time and sanity saver.

Snack Bar Basket is a time and sanity saver.

I’m trying three groovy new things this week:

  1. Bar (the kind you eat)
  2. Herbal Cold & Flu Shot
  3. Pavlok (zapping behavior modding device)

Let’s dive in and start with the food. Duh.

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Thursday, March 19th, 2015

Useful Tips I Learned in Culinary School – Review Classic Cooking Academy

Chef Pascal and me. He's funny and French.

Chef Pascal and me. He’s funny and French.

I’ve mentioned a few times that I recently took a 6-month course at a local cooking school to increase my skills in the kitchen. When I went from vegan to omni, I was feeling out of sorts in the kitchen. I ruined too many grass-fed steaks and wild-caught fish.

So, I talked mom into taking this course at Classic Cooking Academy.

It was amazing, fun, and worth every penny especially since I learned to shuck oysters! I don’t know about you, but watching that on YouTube is not as good as practicing in a class with a professional to guide you.

Raw oyster. Real Food Fast Food. #Zinc

Learning to shuck oysters makes you a total bad-ass.


And, we learned to make things like this…

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Thursday, January 15th, 2015

Top Gun Inspired Juicer Purchase: “I Feel The Need… The Need For Speed.”

Welcome to the family, Breville Juice Fountain Plus

Welcome to the family, Breville Juice Fountain Plus

Juicers are not a new topic on this blog. I’ve been using them and writing about them for years. There was a time I loved my twin gear Green Star back in the day when I was a newbie to raw food. Then, I moved to a cute n fast Breville because motherhood was taking most of my time (actually I’ve owned a couple of Breville juicers). I also fell for the Hurom single auger juicer in an attempt to up my quality of juice while keeping it easier than the Green Star. Finally, I topped out at the all time ultimate Norwalk Juicer thinking that it would save me money in the long long long long run, give me a superior juice never to be more superior, and offer me the option to juice big batches that can be stored for a few days so I wasn’t juicing every day. I wrote about these juicers, and I imagine when this post is done that the bottom “similar posts” links will feature them.

But, things change.

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Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

Book Review: Nourishing Broth (An Old-Fashioned Remedy for the Modern World)

Review Copy: Nourishing Broth (book)

Review Copy: Nourishing Broth (book)

You all know how much I love homemade bone broth because bone broth is crazy yum, bone broth is magically healing, and bone broth (i.e., stock) takes every recipe it’s used in to restaurant-delicious levels, or as my husband likes to say, “It’s chef-y.”

Healing Bone Broth

Healing Bone Broth

It turns out that not nearly enough people make their own bone broth, instead buying it in a box or a can from the store. This is no way ever compares to the taste, nourishment, and wonder of real homemade bone broth. Never. Ever. Never. Ever. Never. Ever. Never. Ever. Never. Ever. In fact, I don’t even bother with store bought broth, as if you couldn’t tell. If I didn’t have a supply of bone broth in my fridge or freezer (that would never happen, but saying it did, or like maybe I’m traveling), I wouldn’t resort to buying broth at the store. I’d simply use filtered water since it’s probably better for me than store bought crap broth (stock) anyway.

The awesome thing is that making bone broth is so easy it’s practically a joke. When I first ventured into omnivore territory after being a vegan for almost a decade, I started with enjoying pasture-raised eggs in my diet. Shortly after, I was drawn to move into other areas, and bone broth was calling my name. I never would’ve guessed that in a million years, but it did. I followed my intuition, smart woman that I am, and it’s been a fun and delicious journey ever since. I feel like a witch with a cauldron when I make it. In fact, I need a witch’s hat on when I make it. My daughter would love that. Note to self: buy witch’s hat.

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Thursday, August 14th, 2014

Restaurant Review: Coyote Cafe in Santa Fe New Mexico

by Kristen Suzanne in food journal, grass fed beef, omnivore, review
Cast Iron Seared Grass-Fed Filet Mignon Steak Au Poivre #CoyoteCafe Santa Fe NM

Cast Iron Seared Grass-Fed Filet Mignon Steak Au Poivre #CoyoteCafe

We recently enjoyed a summer road trip all the way to Michigan from Arizona. Yes, that’s a looooong trip which is why many people ask why we don’t fly. Well, to be honest, apart from kind of enjoying time in the car (I get a lot of reading done: here’s a great book), there’s an important factor with which I am obsessed: Food. By traveling in the car (our mini van, specifically), I can pack things from my kitchen so that I can cook on the road for my family (induction hot plate, anyone?). As I like to say, “have induction hot plate, will travel.” Eating healthy and delicious food is my main passion so I do whatever it takes to make that happen.

We ventured to Michigan because that is where I grew up, and my brother, his wife, and their kids are there, plus my dad, step-dad, and dear sister-in-law-ish. At the time of our journey, our daughter had just turned four years old, and that meant shorter stretches of driving. Therefore, our days in the car maxed out at around 7 hours, if we could help it. That means lots of nights in hotels. How did I make high-quality, Real Food on the trip in hotels? It was fairly simple… with smart planning. I’ll detail it all in a blog post soon because I have a lot to share on the topic. I’ve made the trip twice now, a bit different each trip, and I like to think I have it figured out.

We didn’t eat every single meal as homemade though. Some of our meals, although just a couple, were enjoyed in restaurants. Enter: Coyote Cafe in Santa Fe, NM.

On the trip back from Michigan we decided to spend a couple of days in Santa Fe as a little break from the non-stop driving and to enjoy the local atmosphere of Santa Fe. So lovely.

Coyote Cafe 

One of the best meals of my life. And to think I almost opted for a different restaurant because of the Yelp Review stars I saw. Glad my husband urged us to go to Coyote Cafe. Greg had been there about 20 years ago (the place has been around about 27 years), and was itching to try it again.

The presentation of the meals was gorgeous and thoughtful. The decor of the restaurant was open and pleasing, artful, and chic although a bit dated. It is showing the years of wear and is overdue for a refresh.

The service was top of the line. Our server was Lynsey and she catered to our every need. I’d also like to mention that the support staff were equally great. So much of a restaurant experience goes beyond the food.

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Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Immortal Machine – Protein Shake – I LOVE YOU

by Kristen Suzanne in chocolate, hemp protein, review, vegan

Immortal Machine

Immortal Machine by David Wolfe

The new plant-powered protein powder in my life.


Edit: 12/5/12 I recently had a canister that tasted a bit off (bitter, smoky-ish) compared to how lovely the previous ones had been. Then, my mom said the same thing, and a reader of my blog said the same thing… had a bitter experience. ;) Well, go figure I’d rave about something and then there might have been an issue in their quality control. I’ve had foods with shilajit in them and I get the sense that maybe they had a batch with too much of that in it? Not that that would be terrible since its reputation is great but it changes the taste and then that changes the experience. Or maybe they forgot the stevia? Not sure. Still, I wanted to tell my readers about that. Since I have multiple canisters though, I opened another and it was great like usual.

Edit: 12/12/12 I heard back from Longevity Warehouse and it turns out I was right. They used a different shilajit in a batch, and although it was high quality, it changed the flavor. It seems they’re back to using the standard shilajit they normally use. Whew!


There’s a new protein powder on the block that I’m regularly buying now, and I’m a raving fan. (That’s an understatement.)

If you haven’t heard of Immortal Machine, then you’re missing out. It’s a fabulous new vegan protein powder that knocks it out of the park in flavor and health promoting properties.

It’s so good on its own that I usually just mix it up with water and it tastes like fudgescicles. Or, I make it with iced organic peppermint tea … Thin Mint Cookies, anyone?  That’s probably my favorite way to have it (mom’s favorite way, too). In fact, I’ve turned quite a few friends and family on to Immortal Machine and the response is always the same. “Whoa! That’s awesome. I’ve never had a protein powder that was so good!”

Even though this protein powder needs no hiding and it’s fabulous with just water or iced peppermint tea blended in… being the chef that I am, I’ve played with other recipes for fun. I heard tales of its deliciousness with nut milk and they were true – creamy and dreamy. I added Chinese Five Spice once, too. That was good. I also knew it’d be brilliant stirred into chia pudding and porridge… yup. In fact, adding this to my Longevity Chia Porridge recipe is smart. I’ve also used Immortal Machine in a medicinal-energizing-herbal-tonic elixir by blending it with soaked goji and longan berries. Whoa. That was intense, in a most amazing way. I was feeling the power all day. I also love blending Immortal Machine into warm drinks and it’s like hot chocolate. It seems the options of deliciousness are endless.

Those variations are all fun, but I think my favorite way is with plain ol’ water or iced organic peppermint tea (I’ve always been, and will forever be, a mint chocolate girl). Friends, I’m telling you, as it bears repeating… this stuff is a-mazing.

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Monday, June 4th, 2012

Reviews: Core Foods, Living Nutz, Essential Living Foods, and Love Bean

by Kristen Suzanne in review

Hello everyone!

Can I just say HALLELUJAH for all of the great raw, vegan, organic options we have available to us these days? Every where I turn, there are new products sprouting up and it sure makes living this awesome lifestyle THAT much easier. Whether you’re all raw, mostly raw, partly raw, or barely raw… there are some kick ass options available for healthy snacking or for the busy mama, like myself who needs all the help I can get. I’m grateful.

Kamea... ready to play, no time for mama to make breakfast (she already had hers in bed because she nursed). Hmmm, this mama needs something easy cuz I'm hungry! Read on...

Today, I’m reviewing four companies and sharing with you how I use them in my life. Core Foods, Living Nutz, Essential Living Foods, and Love Bean. Let’s begin!

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